Poetry blog begins!

Though we have freezing cold and snow here, I thought I would start with a poem I wrote about rain & life.



The rain keeps its million
brilliant eyes open,
taking all in as it falls
in love with the earth
and oceans:

Dizzied, rapturous descent
upon leaves,
rooftops, blades of grass,
sharp sizzling asphalt
the water washes across
in rushing streams.

Most all the people
scamper inside,
run from the rain,
wipe away its small kisses
from the tops of their heads,
dry its shuddering cool from their backs,
and stare out the window
waiting for it to leave.

The rain knows,
for its eyes are always open.


9 thoughts on “Poetry blog begins!

  1. Your images surprise and inform–the rain as eyes is inspired. I’m glad you are sharing your poems online. They deserves the widest audience. Thanks, Matt–keep posting. Lovely photo, layout, sensitive choice on type for the weight of words on the page–beautiful.

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