St. Valentine’s Day is Coming!

Wrote this back in 2005.  After a bit of critique I am revising….


First Things

Snow feathered bird
I meet in the blossom unfolding,
in scraped-knuckle scabs,
in a wild forest held by countless eyes,
why am I drawn
to your beauty?

In us both
rhythmic cycles of breath
and blood course coelacanth
cold ocean depths
through memory.

Shall I reach my hand
to your untamed frame?

In me alone,
a bright garden — fresh
for naming — burns in my bones,
its dew laden leaves
and bright wings aflutter
in distant past
ever present.

Eden’s sorrow
unmoved by years
of quiet song.

Grief is riskless slow decline.
Snow-feathered bird of my meeting,
I chance this joy;
your red crest flourish
vivid in a cautious wood.


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