Food for Thought

Menagerie, 1971

Endless rows
of florescent lights.
Linoleum floor, light gray
with flecks of dark gray.
Stainless steel frames arise
holding white, enameled shelves
stocked with bright cellophane
and foil packages
begging to be bought.

From on high
into my hands descends
a cardboard box
emblazoned with circus animals
in a red and yellow train car,
bars upon the windows.

I carry this exotic menagerie
by a white, braided twine handle.
Reaching in,
I grip one brittle beast
after the next
between forefinger and thumb
that I may devour
giraffes, gorillas
and lions.

The empty box paid for,
we pad
to the black savanna
of parking lot
rippling with August heat,
the only animals who remain.


2 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. Oooh, I used to love Animal Crackers! Always wanted to eat the elephants because I knew they never forgot anything. 🙂

    Do like how you took the jungle theme to the parking lot. Great last line.

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