Changing Wallpaper (but not on my desktop)

Domestic Archaeology

A flower garden grows
behind towels and washcloths,
sunscreen, antiseptic and gauze.

From the intersection of a rough, board shelf
and harvest gold vertical stripes
peek saucer-sized pink roses
bordered by pale green ribbons and bows:
an early gaudiness
masked by later fashion
now in disfavor.

I recognize the old rose pattern
from previous work
in other rooms.

An artifact, some stray detail, always remains:
a further past hidden in attic alcove,
pantry, or where risers meet stair steps.
A torn note tucked in eternity’s pocket
asks, “Please remember the….”

And I wonder,
“What were they thinking?”


8 thoughts on “Changing Wallpaper (but not on my desktop)

  1. nicely done….i often wondered what my stepmother was thinking when she wallpapered my bedroom…soooooooo I cover all the walls with baseball cards and all my heros….thanks for sharing this

  2. My house was built in the 20s and has layers of paint on layers of paper. That may be all that’s holding it together. You’re right, there’s always some thing showing somewhere. Nicely done.

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