RWP 114

Today’s poem was based on a Read Write Poem prompt to use a number of suggested words in a poem.  I used almost all of them.  Below is the list of words given by Read Write Poem:

Power of Gravity

His lubricious want,
smooth desire
hot inside

against the eggshell patter
of sleet crowning the trees.

The forgetful tap of red fingernails
on the nightstand betrays
boredom with her lover

though he hopes
it is the panicked fear of decay,
of being a frog-eyed old hag
hoarding a mountain of cosmetics
in a footlocker.

They both hear the snap
of the maple limb
sagging to the frosted ground
under the weight of ice.

She mentions a hacksaw
and he snickers at her ignorance,
thinking she meant
for the tree.

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