RWP #116

At Three Past Six

Drunk again,
on the hardwood floor,
he dreams a pale disc sun
stands motionless,
ensnared by spider web clouds
above gray, featureless sea.

A totem helmsman
stands at the bow
of a raft
one plank wide,
scanning for horizon
which never arrives.

wreathed in mists,
a siren sings
absent rocky shore.

No stark terrors,
just restless unease
and tokens of fate
as he rides
beyond return.

This was written as an answer to the Read Write Poem prompt to write a poem based on This Photo.


After submerging order, light, the day—
A soldiery of doubt usurps hope’s place,
Soon nestled sly amid the pulsing gray
Nerve ends where soul meets sky.  In dark I trace
Each tender face I’ve cast aside through lies
And bitter rage disguised as honest love.
A shudder, chill regret: does grief make wise?
This empty desert the sagebrush scours rough
Cannot remain my home.  A woodland glen
Sways in wildflowers due north.  I travel slow
To slough my skin and walk, a man again.
I thread a path too old for me to know.
The heavens wheel about the north star’s light.
I aim for there.  I tread the breeze all night.


14 thoughts on “RWP #116

  1. Very descriptive, fits the prompt well… nice! The “totem helmsman” especially, I haven’t yet seen anyone who commented on that aspect of that figure for this week.

  2. Your first stanza is very strong, and drew me into the rest of the poem. I was really struck by the narrative of the man moving from life into death, via one drink too many…and your last stanza left me with a bit of a chill. Good work this week.


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