On Vacation

Beyond Point Pelee

I walk a ridge of sand
just under the waves
so far into Lake Erie
that, looking back, people
are faceless specks,
voices lost within the surf.

Gulls nervously flutter, then part.
Some land behind me,
other hop to a small knob
beyond my reach.

Black ships ply the shipping lanes.
I imagine my walkway extending
to where I can board
and sail away.
But they are strangers.
I turn back.

The gulls ruffle and hop,
wheel behind me,
reclaim their territory.
I keep my eyes fixed
on sand, on trees, on people
whose voices rise from the water
and break free.

I plod onto the beach,
not ready for water
or land.


2 thoughts on “On Vacation

  1. This is so lovely- and I can certainly see it all- very visual. Alas, I am a shore-dweller, too. I shall like your permission to do a reading of this. 🙂 It reminds me very much of my poem “I Use My Eyes to See for You” in which I follow a gull on the shoreline. Just lovely- really. Thank you

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