A Poet

If you’re looking for today’s RWP 118 poem, it’s HERE.


Placid, prim and plainest face;
eyes suggestive of wisdom,
of sadness, look steadily
at all who come before her.
Perhaps the barest of smiles.
Beside her a book; flower
in her hand.  She is a book
and a flower.  At sixteen
she knows this about herself.
Long years later she will know
her gift exceeds her time: Words
stitched together, found by heirs.


And for those who don’t know who the poem is about:  here’s the picture.


3 thoughts on “A Poet

  1. Quite a nice image…I like the idea of using old photos to generate poems….particularly since I have a rather large collection of them…hum….what shall I write tonight.

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