No Romance

This was very loosely based on a Read Write Poem prompt to write about romance.  This is, sadly, the result.


I am the glow
in the dark
with flavored
lubricating gel
and ridged rings
which sits for years
unused in its foil
and plastic package,
under unmatched socks
in the bottom
of a dresser drawer
because Travis
bought me
from a gas station
vending machine
in fourth grade
on a dare.


15 thoughts on “No Romance

  1. This was great Matt, funny and honest. It brought to mind a scene from a John Ritter movie, can’t remember the title, where he and another suitor get caught running about in the dark in the bedroom of their object of desire — both wearing glow-in-the-dark-neon condoms… 😉
    Image & Verse

  2. definitely past its use-by-date, but that just adds to the sad life of the condom.

    Makes one wonder if Travis is past his use-by date.

  3. Excellent! This was a fun read. I think all of those condoms that have been sitting too long in wallets, drawers and back pockets need to get together and have a convention. Re-purpose themselves, maybe….

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