RWP NaPoWriMo #2

The second Read Write Poem prompt for National Poetry Month is to write a poem using an alternate meaning for RWP.  Since I am posting poems the day I write them, I am not taking as much time to smooth them out as I would like.

Radio Wave Propagation

I built a forty foot antenna
out in the yard,  ran a copper
ground wire straight down
and coaxial cable across
to an upstairs window.

Grandpa turned purple,
certain a lightning strike
would burn down the house.
He’d lived through one fire
and could not be un-convinced
of impending doom.

Heedless, I hooked up
my cheap Sangean shortwave
and began receiving
magic signals from Guam
and Fiji at 4 a.m.,
mysterious messages
from Central America
consisting of random strings
of words, as well
as Voice of America
on fifty different frequencies.

I had an endless choice
of broadcasts
in Chinese,
Portuguese and Farsi
I wished I understood,
and televangelists
I wished I didn’t.

Years intervened
and now the internet
tells me everything,
gives a rough translation
from Latvian if I need it,
and I can watch
a live feed
of the world
burning itself down.


19 thoughts on “RWP NaPoWriMo #2

    • Took me a while to start remembering the ham radio operator jargon.

      For those of you not in the know, it translates:

      I hear you loud and clear hear friend,
      loud and clear,

      congrats on antenna at your location,
      fine business on your ham conversations.

      best regards, …

  1. I love how you took a childhood hobby and then how it turns in the end. Your description and flow are great and then the end packs a good punch. Great job!

  2. Really enjoyed this – thank you so much! Brought back all the stories that my dad used to tell me about his adventures growing up…and the stories I’m beginning to find myself telling about my own childhood.

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