NaPoWriMo #14: A Cleave Poem

Another Read Write Poem prompt.  Each column makes a separate poem, then the two columns together make a poem.


Each Morning

a glass building                              near the highway toll booth

at the edge of town blazes,                  begins a daily ritual

glints sun from its windows, so      the line of cars slows,

becomes a rippling column                    creeping forward

bathed in brilliant glare                 as people fumble for change

gathered up                                             from cup holders

and held in relief                         then over into the till while

against blue sky —                            those waiting raise one finger

Excalibur                                          on a fist of rage.


15 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo #14: A Cleave Poem

  1. HTML poses problems for the poet who wishes to post work in columns or with extreme indentations. I have used

     (which works fairly well, except that it usually means the post will be posted in monospaced courier font), I have found that using HTML columns allows you to justify the text as you please. Another technique is to use white characters as spacers, but they print black.

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