A Revelation

Today’s Read Write Poem prompt suggested we remember an aroma.

That’s Amore

At four years old
I did not know
but I’d found
a piece of heaven.

The entire building
was wrapped
in red and white
vertical stripes—
an astounding image.

Never before discovered
scents of oregano
and peppercorn
rolled over me.

Wood paneled walls
offset by bright
rosso corsa and green banners
announced comfort
and fun.

As I bit into magic,
I knew
Mom was a boring cook.


17 thoughts on “A Revelation

  1. I’m a firm believer that some people’s taste buds can remain oblivious to the wonders of food by not experiencing the rich variety of smells and flavours in childhood. I can’t imagine what that deprivation must be like.

  2. It’s a happy trail, both the food and the poem. I had to re-read Derrick’s somewhat pedantic sounding sentence before absorbing the scent of it.

    Matt, in case you’re wondering about where to play after RWP, there’s a new WWP site that we’ll be gravitating to. Please go check out – wanna see you there! It’s kind of a self help site for RWP survivors.


  3. LOL. Mom! Boring!? (My Mom was awful. She cooks out of duty, not out of sensory delectibleness. I, on the other hand, will cook things simply to have their smell about me. Applesauce. Not wild to eat it but OH am I wild to simmer it in the crock pot! LOLOLOL)

    Loved reading your words… and how you took my prompt and made something truly magical from it. YAY!

  4. My mom is/was a good cook, but there was still always something special about those dinners out. Especially when they involved cuisines we hadn’t yet encountered. I love how you capture that magic, and I’m sure mom doesn’t mind.

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