Happy 100

This is my 100th post, and I decided to dedicated it to John Newmark, the person who got me interested in creating a poetry blog.  John’s blog is a mix of genealogy, poetry, information about Victor Hugo, and other odd bits of knowledge.  I’m sticking with poetry.

One clue that will help explain the beginning of the poem: Mr. Newmark’s alter ego in the open mic world is Gavroche (of Sick Puppy fame).

John wanted me to create a poem for my 100th post containing one word from each of my previous 99 posts, which sounded like a fun idea … for about three seconds.  But I chose the the other, because it was grassy and wanted wear….

Poetry in Chains

for John Newmark

enjoys constraints.
He begs to be tied
to a bedpost
of ideas.

Drew Barrymore, his muse,
whispers her commands:

“Write a poem
about handcuffs,
a pink feather boa
and a sea turtle.

“Repeat the same sound
over and over.
Maintain a steady rhythm

in odd places
while speaking
a set number
of syllables.”

He loves it all,
the rougher the better.


9 thoughts on “Happy 100

  1. Well, obviously this describes the Mr. Newmark we all know and love…every chance we get…..especially when he begs 😉

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