Cut & Paste

Genetic Counseling

My Dear Client:

All of European descent
are statistically bent
to be born of kings
and other royal things:
More ancestors were needed
for you to be seeded
than people provided
so tree forks elided.

If I coupled Charlemagne
to your trim train
and attached Brian Boru
to your scant retinue,
it’s more about the fact
than where they’re tacked.

Best regards,
Certified Genealogist Evan Gerard

—Kindly note Queen Elizabeth replaces
Uncle Joe who bet on races.


Just in case there is a real Evan Gerard anywhere who is annoyed, I made up the name.


6 thoughts on “Cut & Paste

  1. Moving effortlessly from RWP into …
    “so tree forks are elided.” Now that’s good! I had to look up elide … shows what I know! Last line’s a giggle!!!

  2. It didn’t surprise me when this egotistical bastard I know “proved” his lineage back to almost everyone of note since cro-magnon.


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