Trees deepen
into summer wear
and I wear my heart
upon their greening:
the magic of bones
in flower
catching their breath,
no longer in December’s
death rattle.


7 thoughts on “Rejoice!

  1. It is lovely and Autumnal here
    You are doing well to maintain the poeming momentum
    I have made it to May and escaped back into painting.
    Best wishes

  2. Ahhh… Summer wear. I was admiring Spring cleavage yesterday.

    Nifty little poem.

    (Sorry. I should have complimented the poem first. My mind wandered.)

  3. Hi Matt,

    You are a wonderful personality indeed! EVERY POEM IS A PRAYER – Of course, it is a prayer invoked and dedicated to all the deities of the entire macrocosm and every particle of this oval system of the Omnipotent Infinity is surcharged with the odorifous and incense smelling waves of the Eternal Ocean.

    Murali Nair

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