healthy diet


After a life of ice cream,
cookies and chocolate
my arteries revolted,
congealing with cholesterol.

Dietary discipline
means oatmeal,
garden salad,
spinach salad,
celery, broccoli and beans,
Asian sesame salad,
cranberry walnut salad,
and buckets of bran.

I eat these daily
forswearing the sweets
and all savory treats.

The doc says
I need exercise too
which I get by traveling
back and forth to the loo.


2 thoughts on “healthy diet

  1. Exercise IS important. I lift weights. Every time I stand up.

    Meanwhile, I wait for my taste preferences to change; for spinach to hold the same appeal as waffles, for green tea to fizz my tongue like Coke.

    Fatly Yours,

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