Jasper, Dog Scientist

Sniff.  A dog peed on this tree yesterday. Sniff-sniff-sniff.  A dog peed here two days ago.  Sniff-sniff-sniff-sniff-sniff.  Two weeks ago last Tuesday.  A pretty poodle.  And a year ago. He was a Malamute and it was a warm day.  Sniff.  I smell tens of thousands of other dogs, fellow travelers in life.  I know their scent, their breed, sex, the barometric pressure, temperature and PH balance of the soil from day to day going back four million years.  I smell wolf ancestors.  I smell the dark winds of time.  I smell dogs from other planets.  I see a tragic world where cats have dominion and press us into servitude.  Granted, we are already in servitude here on earth, but we get much worse food there … and the cats chase escaped dogs through brutal wastelands.  I am running, worn, tracked relentlessly by Fluffy the Terror and collapse in awed despair before a half-buried giant statue of Rin-Tin-Tin, realizing at last this is Earth and our impoverished future.  —Sniff!— Squirrel!  I smell a squirrel!!! Woof!


4 thoughts on “Jasper, Dog Scientist

  1. So that’s why my dog has to stop every few moments when I walk her and sniff around. I will be more patient now that I know she is discovering history!

    Charmingly rendered. 🙂

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