No Forks

The Hazards of Genealogy

My client
enthused over
the binder
full of charts,
census records
and marriage licenses.

But after I said
her grandparents
were first cousins,
her extra eye
kept twitching.


3 thoughts on “No Forks

  1. Ah, so you were with a Southern gothic type of gal, eh. 🙂

    Though I do know a happily married couple – first cousins – who had six children! Beautiful and smart!

    None of the kids grew up to want or to have children after they married, though. Odd, that.

  2. The odds of genetic defects from first cousins marrying is quite low. It’s legal in most other western countries. In the U.S. it varies by state. I looked up the info after mulling over the idea for the poem.

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