Autumn Is Icumin In

Late September

Weeding among hostas,
I hear soft trilling
of a small toad,
see him
colored to blend
with fallen leaves.

He sits silent
for half an hour
then hops further
into the grass.

When I look again
he is one
of many maple leaves
to autumn.


13 thoughts on “Autumn Is Icumin In

  1. I had to go off and visit Ezra Pound for a minute.

    I love the changing of the guards…um…I mean the seasons. [depends on where you’re standing I guess]

    And I love toads…so this evoked a HUGE smile from me.
    Thanks for the lovely imagery Matt.

  2. love it the changing of the seasons…the blessing that we as the toad change our hearts to mirror it….may it be a blessed autumn and a restful winter for us all….bkm

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