As You Were

Shape of a Moment

Reality’s edges
Light refracts
through far ends
of the street
as they rise.

Trees distend
and the distant cars
crawl past,
drivers always in shadow.

Vision pools down
to this small blue flower,
four delicate petals
in the grass between
and curb.

I am near to tears
at beauty
then the world
snaps back
in place,
firm and immovable
as I bend.


8 thoughts on “As You Were

  1. Really nicely done. Have seen such a delicate blue flower in the street. As a matter of fact, duplicated the color on my bedroom walls once.

    Do love the last stanza. You bend, while the world doesn’t.

  2. For me any verse or word that makes me wish it never ended, made its mark on my heart ..

    Your poem did more .. it makes me think of lines ahead of where you left .. maybe thats the sprngboard i will use soon .. will let you know if i do 😉

    Thank you for visiting my blog !


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