The Caper

I know this isn’t great literature, but I had fun with it.


To the Burglar in My Basement

I cannot relate
as fully as I might,
never having been stoned,
in either sense of the word,
but I can understand desperation
for your next meal.

As you broke through the slats
of my storage locker
you paused,
unsure whether to steal
the old Commodore 64,
the empty ten gallon aquarium,
or the folding chair.
Instead you continued eating Doritos
from the family size bag
you brought with you.

This afforded time
for even the police to arrive
and apprehend
the dangerous criminal
somewhere between
the munchies,
the nods
and the damned.


19 thoughts on “The Caper

  1. haha. fun one shot…its all about having fun anyway right…without it they would just be words…have had a burglar so there is an edge beyond the humor…

  2. it’s not great literature, but you made me smile and touched me with your humorous description of the burglar…this was nice to read – thanks for this – i loved it!

  3. Great one shot. It may not be great literature, as you say, but it’s better than mine – I’ve never contributed to one shot.

    But I do think it was fun and honest and I could relate to it. That makes it great in my book.

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