Our Hero

Noah – 1945

–a story from my father

The first black waves tipped ships
almost to capsizing,
then the fleet turned,
faced thundering crests
which crashed bridge-high.

Typhoon winds and rain
raked all with a horizontal blast
as one man was lifted up
from the bow of his destroyer
by sweeping surf
and carried over the side.

The sailor was tossed and tumbling
till death no longer took odds,
then the water
returned him to his ship,
dropping the man
on the stern

This story’s likely true,
for when my father tells it
the lucky man
saved by grace–
or God’s indifferent eye–
isn’t him.


5 thoughts on “Our Hero

  1. Matt, I noticed that there is a box that appears sometimes below a poem: Subscribe by email to this site. So I’m checking it and hoping it works because then I’ll be “pinged” about a new poem. I like email options for my favorite bloggers (writers).

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