Enforced Writer’s Block

Some Days Are Not Made for Poetry

I paid for this coffee,
so I’m going to drink it
staring at a blank
spiral bound notebook sheet
as I sit soaked
in a backwash of bad sounds
from Culture Club
to Air Supply
via Captain and Tennille,
unable to tell an anapest
from the holes
being burrowed in my temples
by “Muskrat Love”.

I’ll see the whimsy
and humor in this,
but not today
as the Karma Chameleon
she comes and goes
on my muse’s
left foot.


7 thoughts on “Enforced Writer’s Block

  1. Understandably difficult to be brilliant with Muskrat Love streaming….try my playlist, I’ll share with you …I go by @shellsie on blip.fm 🙂

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