One Shot Wednesday again


A glide down
from prairie
into creek valley
watching cars
ascend the other side.
No fluttering burst
as quail rise
from corn stubble.

I want to wander
on foot,
the distant tree line,
sit beneath
an ancient oak,
build a cabin,
live by my wits
and read at night
by firelight.

Traffic light ahead
turns green.
I shift from dream
to drive.


17 thoughts on “One Shot Wednesday again

  1. Lovely end, billiant title, and the words in between are spare and evocative. I find ‘ascend’ a bit too pallid, but it’s probably just me.

  2. read at night by firelight sounds good…i like shift from dream to drive – but only the words, not the action…better shift from traffic to mountain glowing..

  3. As bucolic scenes as these keep receding into suburbs I find myself there with you wanting to keep civilization at bay and stop the destruction of nature. My whole life it has continued to shrink. I’m right there in your daydream. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

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