Brilliant Writing

Setting Goals

I wanted to be a famous writer
so I penned

stiletto and pomegranate urn
radiant blowtorch
of kitten wrath

thinking it would become
an ur text
of dystopian anxiety
at the accelerating pace
of population growth
scientific advance
and societal upheaval.


marijuana in mahogany orbs
dainty clavichords
lactose intolerant seafaring maidens
trapped in Ben & Jerry’s
with nothing but a spork

again believing
it would become a rallying cry
against consumerism
at the expense of personal growth

and it all came to pass.
I am rich and famous
and the world is revolting.


8 thoughts on “Brilliant Writing

  1. loved this one, as i do all your writing. i think u r getting the hang of this being-a-poet-thing. (uh oh, if someone reads this who does not get my sense of humor they will be deeply offended for you. aaawwwhhh…)

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