Universal Paradoxes

(I always think my Wednesday One Shot is my weakest poem of the week.)


Sit tranqul and centered,
eyes closed.
Feel the stillness.

Yet we rush
with the spinning earth
on its whiteknuckle race
around the sun,
a star twirling
and flung around
the center
of the Milky Way,
a galaxy flying
toward Andromeda
and out
from the big bang
collective millions of miles
an hour.

Yet if the universe
has no true center
each of us has equal claim
to be at rest
while all else
flies headlong.


Speed of Objects in the Universe

Center of the Universe?


31 thoughts on “Universal Paradoxes

  1. I like the assurance that this gives us that we each have an important place in the world – and that resting on this earth is important.

  2. What this brings to my mind is the polarities of trying to be “centered” often in the midst of chaos. Great One Shot.

  3. While we move almost out of control, we still have our place, our position, suggesting a kind of order and purpose, even while we spin. Nice one, Matt.

  4. Very moving! It feels as though all attached on some universal plane….so much revolving around, which is quite symbolic. “Astronomical” dear friend! Much enjoyed this word-play…great impact. 🙂 ~April

  5. “whiteknuckle race” a great term. Enjoyed how your images seem interact through the lines. Thought provoking lines to end. Fine poem. Cheers

  6. I always enjoy the visit here on Wednesdays

    This one has movement, a sense of centrality, as well as leaving us with a question

    Thanks for the One Shot

    Moon smiles

  7. I agree with the rest. not weak at all 🙂 so many of us never stop to “feel the stillness”…we “rush headlong” into the “spinning earth” terrific imagery and use of words

  8. Great expression of the grand scheme of things. We become so caught up in our own little careening orbits that we lose sight of it all. I love the ending. It offers great hope for calm.

  9. If this is your weakest , i am sure your best will too stunning to handle 😉

    This was a beautiful poem. I recently saw a show on tv about origin of universe, stars and all .. and this was same i felt ! thank you for writing this and reminding me of the peaceful feeling i had watching the show 🙂

  10. I like this very much! At rest…yes, we do have that ….if nothing else.

    Good piece of work here. Has great personal resonance.

    Lady Nyo

  11. The weekest poem of the weak? (LOL!)

    I liked it – simple and elegant. Some people try to do too much and things just get muddy.

    Nice clean One Shot, Matt!

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