Where Words Live

My “One Shot Wednesday” poem is the next one down.


My words sleep
under a bridge,
half-awakened by every car
which rumbles overhead,
by the lights of tugboats
pushing upstream,
by the chill night air.

This jumble of verbs,
adjectives, adverbs,
nouns and articles
in no particular order,
curls on its side,
hands under the head
as a pillow

dream worlds
which rise,
and fall
in brief moments.


9 thoughts on “Where Words Live

  1. I like the coupling of homeless images with ’empire’ concept — transitory, always reinventing into something — mini empires of sense and senselessness. Nice write, Matt.

  2. This is gorgeous – I love the words jumbled, without a home until someone uses them or wakes them up. Each word is a little world constantly being bothered by other little worlds while it is trying to get some sleep. I am grinning from ear to ear as I am writing this.

  3. Ah! So THERE are my words. Funny – I was imagining them crawling beneath my skin … sparkled jewels ~ a boa, scaled with metaphor and madness 🙂

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