Why I Write

The books
and whisper
their words
at night,
and vowels
in my ear
as I sleep.

I wake,
open a volume
and find
each page
blank. Book
after book.
Yet their words
in my skull.

Pen in hand,
I write
new stories
to fill
the void
which surrounds


21 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. I love this. The words yet unborn in books speaking to you in the night: “Choose me, choose me.” This works perfectly for me. I hope they keep speaking to you and you continue to share them with us.

    Thanks for visiting my entry and for your kind comment. I appreciate it!

  2. I’m there with you! I think this short poem answered a lot of things to a lot of poets!

    There is something simply universal to this poem.

    Great shot!

    Lady Nyo

  3. Nice…these days my head is so full of words it almost feels empty!!! (lol ughh, loving it just the same…reading writing…but so tired I feel blank!) ~ Excellent writing!!! :)April

  4. I liked it..all the words on all the pages. The drive to write extending to your dreams. I did flash back on the scene in PLEASANTVILLE where the books in the library were blank but when the Tobey Maguire character started telling the tale they filled in. That would be nice. Talk to the book and the tale would write itself, huh? Good piece. Enjoyed it. Gay @beachanny

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