My Other Wednesday Poem

In Motion

I sleep upon the waking hours of stars,
their clear tumbling about us all untrue.
I spin in my bed unknowing, then wake,
walking my days fleet as the earth and sun,
as fast as the Milky Way turns. I race
with you to the ever expanding edge
of forever. We ride dark spiral paths,
wheels within wheels, every atom a storm,
a swirling tremor lights our flesh and bones.

Each new moment is a motion of grace,
stars shifting red and blue, a ballroom dance
in a boundless field, dancers close touching
now swept outward in every direction.
Each shimmering light: a home and a journey.


10 thoughts on “My Other Wednesday Poem

  1. Conveys sensations of movement, both on large and small scale; especially circular in the first stanza. I read a definitive shift in tone into the second stanza, yet still true to the imagery initially introduced.

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