Am sitting where it passed through …

One Shot Wednesday poem is the one below this.


Saint Louis, Missouri — May 27, 1896

After the freighted roar
she opened
the second story
pantry door
to open air

and a silence
that waited
for the wails
that would follow
amid towering mounds
of brick
and broken beams.

She remembered
only the falling
and a vast line
of green clouds
from the west,
hanging low.


An account and photos

Wikipedia article


6 thoughts on “Am sitting where it passed through …

  1. You just reminded me of Kimya Dawson’s song 12/26 about the 2004 Tsunami. I think it’s simply beautiful.

    “well, a tragedy’s a tragedy no matter where it happens
    close your eyes really tight and imagine
    that everything you’ve ever known is gone
    and everything you’ve ever loved is gone
    and the only reason you’re alive is you were lucky
    and you were strong enough to hold on
    while you watched your family die.”

    As well as the poem. Kiss your cheeks Matt. =*

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