A Little Ditty

This is not my usual fare, if this is your first visit here.


We think we’re the best
and the brightest,
the center of the universe
if not in fact,
in taste.

Yet the four corners of this world
were lifted up
and carried to the trash
but we don’t know it yet.
Those aren’t airplanes
up above, they’re flies.

We burn
old dinosaur bones
to get from here to there.
They collect
in the catalytic converter
and when it croaks
we curse.

We’re situationally conditioned
to pay a stiff price
for distilled dead things
to dab upon our necks
or guzzle straight.

If any civilization
were of a proper constitution
to find a ring
around Uranus,
it’s us.

The heat
is getting hotter,
the sea already rising
in this fertile
fermentation pond.

And worse yet
we’ll keep warring
for our fair share
of this little slough of squalor
before it’s cooked,

then compacted and buried
in the Milky Way

Poop, Poopy-Doo Wah!


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