Life Wrought Small

The One Cell Sell

O to live as one cell in a pond,
of such a life I could grow fond:
never needing to work,
nothing to shirk,
to be one of a sea of paramecia
bristling with cillia
and swim past that foxy
crowd of volvox.

On second thought
I’d rather not.
You don’t even get a tax deduction
from asexual reproduction.


10 thoughts on “Life Wrought Small

  1. HILARIOUS. I sent it to my friend. She’s called Ilia and she won’t let go of the fact that some people called her ‘Cillia’ when she was in high-school.

  2. what a sweet surprise to have you link up with poetry potluck…
    lovely humor,
    your words are full of imagery and wit….

    keep it coming.
    Happy Potluck!

  3. week 12 potluck poetry is open,
    welcome in..

    Happy Monday ahead.
    Thanks for the contribution…

    claim awards/treats from week 11 entry 114…
    enjoy the fun.

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