For my parents

Chasing Heaven

Hounds close fast upon the fox,
bay for his sleek scent
under afternoon sun.

The fox releases a net
of forgetting behind him
and the enveloped pack disappears.

He runs for the pure pleasure
of one paw chasing another
between tufts of tall grass.

His mind clears, contains only
the rhythms of taut muscle
and cycling breath.

At a rise he stops,
sees meadow all around.
It is beautiful and new,

sweet smell
and light breeze. Nothing
needs a name any more.

He steps beyond fox,
to elemental

a distant staccato trill
high in the air,

fleet forms
rising to meet him.
They are friends.


4 thoughts on “For my parents

  1. So very deep- you’ve told a story rich in meaning and metaphor. I especially love “releases a net of forgetting behind him” and “nothing needs a name anymore”

    nice work,Matt- thank you for sharing it

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