Tuesday poem (becomes One Shot Wednesday poem)

Stellar Nursery

Within columns
of carbon monoxide,
ammonia and dust,
hydrogen furnaces blaze
around liquid iron cores
in soundless space,
like infants
caught in the wild surprise
of rage, faces contorted,
breath caught
in throats,
unable to wail.


29 thoughts on “Tuesday poem (becomes One Shot Wednesday poem)

  1. What a wonderful surprise to find this (particular) well-developed metaphor, and in such a short poem – I read this and exclaimed yes! that’s exactly what it’s like (only of course, I hadn’t thought of it before reading you. 🙂 – Beautiful!

  2. I like this astral theme you’re working with. This is a really tight, effective piece that imparts the sense of the vast busy-ness of the universe in an amazingly small number of words. Taking that line “in space no one can hear you scream’ and running with it. ;_)

  3. Breaking down the universe – and capturing it beautifully in words. Vivid reflection on the nature of this most basic, and powerful element of the universe – you make it reverberate right through the senses.

  4. I think I was hooked right from the title itself!! So friggin’ intriguing!!
    And then came the poem! Racy and WOW!!! It scared the jeepers outta me… but I liked it a hell lot!!
    An AWESOME one shot, poemblaze!! It really set my senses ablaze!! phheewww.. too good!

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