Thursday Poem


The valley begs me
to walk apart from the mist,
descend into lush forest,
but I climb higher
surrounded by white,
unable to distinguish
snow from cloud.

The world gathers
as close as my breath,
hands before me,
feet finding their way
to the summit.

I climb the clouds.


7 thoughts on “Thursday Poem

  1. Lovely imagery as always. “The world gathers/as close as my breath” is my favorite part. That and the last line. Do you think it would stand alone without the third stanza?

  2. Mmmm. Love the imagery. If I may, I agree with Jeffrey. You are climbing from title through the first and second stanza. The third stanza comes down. If you leave it out the ascent is unbroken.


  3. I refrained from sending this to my significant other and then she made two references to climbing clouds in the ensuing two days, so now I will.

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