Prompt Poem


I sit at vertiginous edge
atop rough, untamed rock,
peering down at blue
glass channels
cut between green isles.

Moss and grasses
cling to steep flanks
on either side of the bay.
An endless supply
of gray peaks,
emerald canyons,
mountain streams
and hidden waterfalls
populate a vast ridge
running to the hazy horizon.

holds the low ground.
Marinas, grand villas,
linear impositions
upon the lush, rounded islands,
are revealed from these heights
as small toys
set amid splendor.

on this impractical verge
of heaven
I see the eons
tower above
our frail years.


Poem based on this image.


30 thoughts on “Prompt Poem

  1. Beautiful words and beautiful image. I liked the feeling to be up in the edge of a high mountain.
    Thanks for read my written and for your kind words. Blessings.

  2. Impractical edge…frail years
    this is lovely and so descriptive–magical imagery, I had such a sense of place and then humble displacement at our smallness–a grand poem in such little space.

  3. This is my second trip to read this, and I like it even more second time around. Nice separation of man and the natural world, even as the narrator is separate on his cliff-edge. When looking at the photo, the building-up all over the bay looked like a spreading cancer in the hyper-blue water to me. You were a bit more gentle with it, but I think got to about the same place. As always, calm, serene and well-written.

  4. the eons above ..of our frail years…the distance of both so close yet so distant…nice contrasts in this piece…bkm

  5. Beautiful!! Everything is relative… the things that sometimes appear giantlike, are from another angle, appear tiny as ants!
    Loved your view of it all… very well worded!!!

  6. “Humanity / holds the low ground…” Great line. Have to admit when I clicked the link for the pic, kind of gave me that vertigo feeling. Your lines do an excellent job of creating above and beyond the image. Cheers

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