One Shot Wed poem

A Magick

In the hedgerow
sparrows gather,
perch upon dead limbs.
A hazel’s wild tangle,
brittle and barren,
fills with song.

Coaxed by twit
and trill to flower
in an hour, soon long catkins
trail. By afternoon,
leaves shadow
the flitting throng.

Warm breeze
carries love calls,
flutters twig fingers
and sways slim boughs
as clustered hazelnuts grow
from leafy green husks.

At evening, wings rise,
fly to the far wood.
In silence the foliage
turns yellow
and falls.

The tree stands
bereft as before.


28 thoughts on “One Shot Wed poem

  1. Quite a spell, cast by those birds. It warms my shrivelled little hedgewitchy heart. Also has a nice mythical as well as fairytale feel to it, inviting a deeper comparison to a more cerebral bloom and fade.

  2. Ah…I see you are not ready to abandon autumn for winter the bird fly and leave the trees achingly bare and the cold steals over your thoughts. Well done, you! Merry Christmas, Matt. Hope it’s a wondrous season and happy new year!

  3. Well it’s been a while poemblaze, fancy seeing you here. I;ve missed reading your work. This is full of nature’s wonderful imagery, a very serene piece. Nice write.

  4. Smooth poetic language, Matt. Read this as a complex love poem, as if flirting transformed into nature’s call so to speak, to then depart. Sad, also rings true.

  5. Very nice imagery of nature here. Like the way the first two stanzas in particular interlock with rhyme in a non-too blatant way. Well-penned

    Happy solstice, Mr Blaze

    Luke @ WordSalad

  6. I love how the birds breath life into the dead trees…how they herald the changing seasons…and how you portray the symbiotic/ magical/love relationship between them…beautiful 🙂

  7. But the tree saw what we did, so perhaps a slight smile on the lips of this record keeper to allay his bereftness.

    A good poem capture me and takes me on a journey. Thanks for the ride.

    Love, Tiger

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