Assorted Small Poems

She walked
through his words.
The broken cloud
never regathered.

He shaved
a word
from his poem
and earth


On brittle paper,
his rusted words
march across Pennsylvania,
continue to Paoli,
Germantown, Brandywine.

I wake
through layers of gray cloud,
dreams crawl
back under my pillow
waiting for tonight.

She was elegant
as a nail
in the foot.

pours its attentions
on earth’s
brown skin
grown moist and yielding.

speaks its litany
into my bones
though I say nothing
in reply.

Sepia faces
without names
bound in books:
of a faded generation.

In the store
my fingers tap
to songs
scientifically selected
to open my wallet.

Bright days
fold upon each other
faces rise unbidden
no longer remember
who or when.

hold hands:
an endless chain
as they walk
into the dark.


10 thoughts on “Assorted Small Poems

  1. It has been a while, hope that you have a promising and fulfilling 2011 ahead.
    We have enjoyed your support in 2010, a great big thanks here, cheers!

    We will have our 17th potluck beginning this Sunday, Hope to see you in.

    our theme this week is: “the road ahead”, but you are welcome to share old poems or poems unrelated to our theme..

    The more you share, the happier we are…
    You have been a gem to our community, keep shining with your fabulous talent and have fun!

  2. Have you been researching again? Really enjoyed ancestor…thoughtful and insightful musing, love the way it ends…I’m hoping they find some illumination along the way.

    I apologise I’ve been awol for a while….kudos Matt šŸ˜‰

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