One Shot Wednesday Scattershot

Haven’t been writing much of any length lately, so figured I would give a sampling of small things:


Fingernail sized
brown coqui frog
spreads slender toes
on a canario flower
and sings
co-qui, co-qui.

Dada bot poetry
random word salad
smoke slice finial

He preferred
his metaphors
not stirred.

Chain link fence:
can be ugly.

I offer
an ice sliver
of words
to melt
on your tongue.

Cannibal galaxy
nibbles its way
up another’s arm,
eats the heart
of a hundred billion stars.

When her boy swallowed
a dog wormer pill
she rushed him
to the vet.

Memory burned to ash
but humor still sparks
from her tongue.

Argument stacks words on the fire to keep warm.

I smiled at her
in the supermarket.
She smiled back
until the frozen turkey
fell from under her coat.

A taut line of words
holds us
from a falling out.

He breathes
in snorting gasps,
sleeps through a night
of numberless
death rattles.

The ground lies covered
with six petaled flowers
of snow.


31 thoughts on “One Shot Wednesday Scattershot

  1. ha. these are fun little snippets each evoking something a bit different…watching out for those cannibal galaxies…but i would not mind hearing the frogs…nice one shot

  2. I love your short captures of an idea or a moment, Matt. I noticed the chain link one the other day especially…but they each have their own quirkiness and their own point to make. Most enjoyable read, seeing them all in one spot.

  3. i giggled out loud at the frozen turkey! but my favorite is:

    “A taut line of words
    holds us
    from a falling out.”

    LOVE it! a really nice idea to offer up multiple poems for your One Shot.

  4. My 98 year old mom laughed out loud twice…she either caught some irony or you two are riding a shared wavelength. Me, I have to study it some. My initial impression is that you have found your stride and possibly having too much fun.

  5. Oh woww!!
    Each of these was a stunner by itself! Amazing!
    Loved the vet thing :)) And the metaphor lines too!! Too cool!! πŸ™‚

    Oh..and the galaxy poem… AWESOME!!!
    Oh jeeezz.. I could just go on and on picking favorites, and end up picking ’em all!!!

  6. Another great collection of odds and ends, Matt. You’ve got a nice mix of whimsy and truism. (Argument stacks words on the fire to keep warm.)

    I’m so glad you appreciate these pieces enough to share them!

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