30 January Post

The Prophet

I saw a rainbow cloud,
giant in the sky,
and a smaller one, purple
fly toward it
then touch the base
of the larger.
All turned the deep color
of that little cloud.

I asked God what it meant
and he said
a small nation would spread
the Gospel
throughout the earth,
for it will be
humble and heed His Word
unlike the large.

I didn’t know I was the vessel
through whom
the prophecy would be fulfilled,
that through
a poor uneducated farm boy
God would work.
I went to the Philippines
and preached.

Through me other men
rose up to teach
and spread the message
through the earth.
By me ten thousands have come to Christ.
…by God’s working,
of course. I am a cloud, driven
on His winds.


5 thoughts on “30 January Post

  1. Wow…what an amazing poem….you got me at the start with ‘I saw a rainbow cloud’….brilliant… ‘I am a cloud, driven on His winds’ …loved it! 🙂

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