Assorted twitter poems

My soul
a fluttering moth,
endlessly circles
one light in the dark.


I land
upon a word
and nibble
its rich savor
in a dark field.


Cuneiform tablet
baked in clay:
I Enshakushanna
from mighty Uruk
Who shall forget my deeds?


Even look into the sun
and you’ll find darkness.


He looked
over his shoulder
and saw nothing was there.
The same blank whiteness
lay ahead.


taken from the shelf,
returned to their place
in silence.


Nagging words
nibble at his soul
eat all
but a shell
of fear.


She was chaste
until she was chased.



3 thoughts on “Assorted twitter poems

  1. I’m pretty sure you’ll soon get comments which will sound smarter than mine, just wanted to let you know I love the way you play with words and write beautiful poems whatever size.

    In this list, the first one is my favorite. =)

    Kiss you, Matt. =*

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