One Shot Tue-wednesday

Galileo’s Cannonball

The young
return home again,
always hurrying,
and see
some small dislocation
from memory:
“We moved the large dishes
into the other cabinet.”

Such subtleties
ease us,
a momentary mercy,
into the cascade
of separations from the past:

new manners,
neighborhoods, countries
flitting past, replaced
by others which also fade,

then one rips through
the brutal shock
of briefly mislaid loved ones
in graveyards—

followed by
a blind descent downward
until making
our most lasting impression
on the earth.


4 thoughts on “One Shot Tue-wednesday

  1. The title really hits home in the last stanza–mortality as a problem of physics or a mental convention just doesn’t go far enough, but we seem to have to all come to that spot of realization on our own.

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