A Poem for Egypt

Tahrir Square

25 January – 11 February 2011

A rippling throng
holds the center
of freedom
by force
of sheer number.

In peace
they thunder resolve.

Only when assailed
with violence
do they war,
beating back
rubber bullets,
tear gas,
then camelback thugs.

Their numbers swell
despite duress
and deaths.

They outlast fear
until the indispensable man
is dispensed with,

as an exhaled breath.


9 thoughts on “A Poem for Egypt

    • I like the Poem for Egypt:-Tahrir Square
      can you make anther one for Egypt for English Lunge learner but to make people want to go to Egypt and send it to me by Saturday at david.morris95@yahoo.com

      I am an Egyptian

      Thank you!

      David Morris

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