New Twitter Poems

All poems by me, just to clarify….
I invested
in the stories
of old men
and found myself
lost comrades
far too soon.
Wrap cold sorrows
in music.
Dance past death.
Devils flash their teeth
while gnawing
angel wings.
Snow melt:
grateful tears
for spring.
Brittle memories
leave crumbs
on the floor
when eaten
by time.
Finger traces
quilt stitch
in the dark.
Empty days
tossed over my shoulder
in nonchalance
now pried loose
from fearful grip
Puffed rice cake
Styrofoam squeak
on teeth.
White porcelain doorknob
on weathered shed
opens upon dust.
Burnt onion clings
to flour, salt and pepper:
Mom’s fried chicken.
Stabbed by a shadow
but I kept walking.
I chew hearts
for half price
the day after
Valentine’s Day.
Full moon
dusted clean
by swaying limbs.


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