Tue-wednesday poem

London Calling

for J.L. (1876-1916)

Abed, reading,
the buzz of sleeplessness
hums in my ears
begging my body to rest
as I turn pages
into another’s mind.

Stark cold,
snow and ice.
Huskies snarl,
war at night
then run all day
in their traces.

A wolf ventures
into unknown
moonlit forest

and I drift
into that vast
stand of trees,
follow ridges
above creek beds

bounding free.


29 thoughts on “Tue-wednesday poem

  1. I love this Matt…such a nice ‘flow’ to it. Those restless nights when you can’t sleep, staying up reading ‘as I turn pages further into another’s mind’ ..something we all understand. Thanks

  2. This has a real feel of electricity to it… love the lines
    “Stark cold, snow and ice. Huskies snarl, war at night”
    Such a strong image, really creates the scene for the reader.

  3. Matt, it drops well down the page/screen. I really liked the 2nd stanza and how it hooked into the 3rd. It’s a great mix of falling into a dream from a book. RS

  4. Nothing will keep you up at night like getting into the head of another. Dreamscapes, wide awake, pushing past the sandy, tired eyes, embraced by a world where its okay to take your perch as a fly on the wall to simply watch a story unfold. Loved the write and the time of night reflected. (At least that’s when I’m able to actually loose myself in another’s world) Bravo!

  5. Love the ambience in this half-light adventure Matt. Couldn’t quite figure out the title – had me thinking ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ or ‘American Werewolf’… either that or you’re a fan of The Clash…very intriguing…

  6. i love the turning pages further into another’s mind. jack london is so cool. i read somewhere that he only wrote his outdoor stories for money, that he thought his real talent was writing political junk. guess what, jack, lol. i went to some bar in oakland once, that was supposed to be his hang-out.

    loved your poem.

  7. http://t.co/tXpkzwp this was a page turner Matt ~ relating books reached when sleep evades and thoughts drift into dream ~ woke many times with glasses still perched and book in hand ~ Mmm wondering what I can reach to tonite 🙂 ~ nice one ~ Lib ~ @libithina

  8. Very well done, visually beautiful, really enjoyed the flow of this one quite a bit, it drifts of restless thought and the creative reading/writing placement. WONDERFUL! 🙂 ~ April
    P.S. so glad I stepped away from my little “isolated” realm to explore your writing today, a pleasant break!

  9. I love how the poem floats from a restless mind into a novel and then off to sleep, dreaming of the novel. Sometimes reading or TV are the only things that will distract my mind enough to drift off. 🙂

  10. I’m feeling this in your latest work and wondering wherefore this freedom. And yes, it is the “human” condition, methinks, the good news being your finding freedom finds it for me also.

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