Today Poem

Grandma Pearl

24 Feb 1903 – 30 Jan 1986

Your father played fiddle
and drank.

Your mother lived
in a wheelchair
from when you were twelve
until she died on Christmas Day

Your husband died of pneumonia,
pale and rattling in the bedroom
during the Bank Holiday.

You farmed your children out
to relatives at different times
to keep afloat.

But I knew you long past
all of that.

You were a welcoming smile
and a litany of ailments,
doctor visits
undertaken as a hobby.
A good day was, “I’m OK, I guess.”

Nancy was your favorite grandchild
and we all knew this
content with a lesser love—
and grilled chicken,
sweet home made ketchup
and windmill cookies.

You spoke of your weakening body
but never your heart
broken in countless ways.


5 thoughts on “Today Poem

  1. Oh I loved this ~ sharing her birthday too ~ we never forget those who share so much of their heart ~ hers was large ~ ‘smiled’ at those sayings that generation had and some we continue to share ‘dropped fork’ was to ‘see the stork’ and put it on wood should be good’ frantically looking around for a wood surface. Just recalled ne’er cast a clout till May is out ~ had me roastng for weeks when we had an early sunburst. Thinking of Matt thankyou for sharing about your Nan ~ Lib @libithina

  2. these words…..

    You spoke of your weakening body
    but never your heart
    broken in countless ways

    speak to me of my mother
    forever giving to everyone but herself
    holding in for many years
    that which crushed her
    and so since her death and even before it
    I chose to live extra loud for her
    especially with things I know she loved
    so that wherever she may be
    that she might see just how happy I am

    thanks for sharing and inspireing :~)

  3. So much is familiar here- windmill cookies and all. Very touching. I felt it in my heart, in a place where we all know everything about each other. Where we recognize one another. Lovely.

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