twitter poems

My heart low slung,
not sleek but ducking
any new, hurled object.

Warm croissant
torn open
reveals thin wings.

The rain
folds upon itself
forming streams.

to memory anchor.
Crushed by depths.
by unblinking eyes.

dances with rain
wearing a rainbow sash.

put its hand
across the eyes
of the moon.
Wolf passed unseen.

high arc cast
plunk of lure
wobbling glint
draws life
to the surface.

Under maple leaves
green tips
of iris.

Public bathroom
with brown floor tiles
and chocolate painted walls
makes me nervous.
I wash hands a long time.

gaze from the grain
of wood door frames,
observe the man
and ticking mantel clock.

Ice patch
in shadow.
Last to leave.

Cynicism is romance covered with calluses.

Flame remains
in my eyes,
smoke rising from wick.

Since ice melted
the land begins
to stretch its arms.


2 thoughts on “twitter poems

  1. I love how Twitter makes poets cut and polish potentially longer poems into little gems. This distillation of image and thought often provides a bigger impact than the longer ones could have. You’ve done that here, Matt. Love the final image!

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