One Shot Dream

This is a bizarre dream I had last night. Tried to hammer it into a poem.


swirl counterclockwise
a vast oblong arena—
more a barn—
wooden beams above.

I swim within these grains, bits
of consciousness,
then will them
to cascade,
titrate into reality:
stairs and passageways,
neighborhood streets,
conversations on summer nights,
all close at hand
and tied to other souls.

I shuffle scenes
one after the other,
unsure whether seeking perfection
or staying ahead
of shadowed dread.


32 thoughts on “One Shot Dream

  1. Ominous, a bit, but muffled in that weird dream state where you aren’t exactly sure why. Yet you seem in control, quite godlike in fact. Neat. My poem this week also from a dream–an actual song, actually sung to me in my brain–very real and freaky.

  2. Wow- love it! Had odd dream last night to0- I was ethereal and part of a universal subconsciousness – and “always other souls”…

    great work at sharing the elusive dream world

  3. Hi Matt,

    Nice One Shot!

    Titrate: love that word.

    “A vast oblong arena,” oh, yum.

    Such lovely use of imagery, it had dream written all over it. IMHO, a hard thing to pull off.

    Hat’s off, master poet.

  4. Hey Matt. I love it. It is interesting that we all get something different from this poem. One person said it was calming. Not for me. My dreams are almost always about searching. The last stanza hits home for me – being unsure of what you’re doing or seeking. That feeling sticks in my gut.

  5. Matt, not only do I envy your ability to express your dream in images, your images in words, but even more, I envy your ability to dream. Thank you for sharing that with me.

  6. You describe the dream-like scene well — part dream, part something else, perhaps a bit darker. That swimming in the grain is an arresting idea. Well done, Matt,

  7. “Shadowed dread”….boy, that is a haunter.

    Dreams are quite the poetry material. This one has a visual and metaphorical flow….and is stunning.

    Good work, Matt.

    Lady Nyo

  8. Love this one. I still haven’t had the nerve to post one yet on oneshotwednesday. Nothing ever gets finished enough. 😦 Keep up the good work as it inspires us all.

  9. Entanglement invades the dreamscape. I can see you swimming through individual tiny worlds, fearing collision! Surreal and dreamlike imagery present your vision perfectly. Guess maybe the words had a fair bit to do with it as well. 🙂

  10. “neighborhood streets,
    conversations on summers nights.”

    I remember living this…whose to say we can’t again.
    Nice wandering reminiscence.

  11. This has that lovely surreal shifting quality of a dream. Well done.

    But two things amaze me: that you could remember the dream enough to capture it so perfectly in a poem, and that it didn’t end with “Oh, no, I’m NAKED!”

    Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

  12. Yes I felt your mind trying to make order out of swirling grains, tortured souls, midnight confessions, and wires connecting you to all as they cascade away. Well done.
    Thanks, Gay

  13. Ooh now this is interesting Matt. I have a poet friend who is doing an online writing course at the moment and they’re looking at how to use dreams to create poetry.

    I see the grains here as tiny particles of thought. I think you could expand on this idea, have them swirling in a shaft of sunlight, the sunlight representing realisation, or perhaps having the grains fall to the ground and compact like an idea. Just thinking out loud here but I like it when poetry has that effect on me.

    ‘shuffle scenes’ is a great description of how we seem to be able to hyperjump when dreaming.

    Cool one shot!

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