A pome

The World on Saturday

The world sleeps in late
reads the news
then eats lunch.
A chicken salad sandwich
and glass of milk
go surprisingly far.

The world walks
down the block
to the local pub
and drinks a brew,
bitches about work.

The world shouts
at football,
maddened its team
has lost again.

The edges of the world
move, expand and contract
with each breath.

The world scratches its nose.

After a few hours
the world heads home,
peeks in the refrigerator
and notes a shortage
of mayonnaise.

The television
flickers in a darkened room
as the world munches snacks
crisp and salty.

Grown tired,
the world heads upstairs,
brushes its teeth,
climbs into bed.

The world dies
in its sleep,
than anyone knew.

27 thoughts on “A pome

  1. And indeed, it may be slightly off axis, but the world keeps turning. Your ending was a killing move, leading me to wonder much and leaving me even more heartsick than before. Sad and I think lonely fits quiet well…smaller than anyone knew.

  2. Matt – what a sensitive and sad piece about life and the parallel with the world.
    With all the things happening in our world I wish we would shoot mayo- maybe the outcome would be better

    Thanks for the One Shot

  3. In the enormity of such catastrophe one sometimes has to focus on the minor just to get through and go on. I like very much your idea of the contrast, and you’ve provided good details to point up the contrast. A suggestion: you might possibly improve/strengthen the poem by substituting for the word “world”, perhaps even giving “world” a different and particular name in each stanza.

  4. A fine little capture of modern society, my friend, with an ending stanza that really drives the feeling home – like a verbal punch to the gut. For all those caught adrift, and more than a little horrified, at the world around them…

  5. I agree with Lori about the disconnect. Very well communicated, and such a sad commentary. I didn’t know about One Shot Wednesdays or the website associated with it until I saw a RT by @jesskristie linking to this poem. Glad to meet you and read your work. I linked up for the first time too. Hope to join regularly.

  6. Excellent prespective on the world and its diasters – when we sit on this small plant – determines whether we make toast or hunt for a crumb….well done…bkm

  7. This says so much in such a simple frame. I agree with most above–the ending is killer. But my favorite line is “The world scratches its nose.” You do an excellent job of personifying that which can’t really be put into words.

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