Some more twitter poems

Bar coded
anonymous souls
bright red sticker
in the discount bin.

Warm sun
breaks the pond’s

Put off everything
until the day after
you’re dead.

I peeled the onion
till there was nothing left.

Japanese officials
whistle in the dark.

Moving slow
between thoughts
I rest.

from fishing net.

He walked miles
between memories
the rest
a muddy

window sill
flush with foliage
broad leaved

The pond: a blue bruise between two mountains.

black circle
world drawn
in silhouette

I gather mountains
grown smooth
small and round.

A seven course meal
of nightmares
no more appetite
for news.

Facts hidden
behind a battlement
of words.

Hell: eternity between a coffee grinder and an espresso machine.

He picks up
glinting shards
of the day.

Morbid fascination
inversely proportionate
to involvement.


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